Thursday, April 4, 2013

Refuse to let go off your goals: your life depends on it!

To think a few years ago, when I was in primary school, my uncle went to Cape Town and bought himself Nike Shox sneakers, I used to borrow the sneakers whenever we had casual days at school. I'd be wearing a whole Pep outfit with Nike sneakers lol - I'm sure it seemed awkward to many. But now, I am able to buy my own sneakers (even though I am way past that stage of being brand conscience). Moral of the story: Life is like a race - every race has a starting point and also has a finish point, which most of the time is not on the same place. You may start off with nothing but if you have a goal that you refuse to give up on, you will eventually move to the next level of your life. A level where you will have everything you have desired and you will never be ashamed or ridiculed. You will be respected and celebrated. #I Have Spoken.