Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friendship to love

Everything has an END Except...
... Fam(ILY) <= it has (I LOVE YOU)

Move from being just 'fri(END)s' to being fam(ILY) and love one another as Christ loved the church.

~ Can I get an AMEN?

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What can we learn from Jesus about growth?

Luke 2:52 -- "An Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and man"

This verse shows us that growth is not just about physical growth (which is natural) but also mental and social growth.

In Luke 2:41, we are introduced to Jesus as a twelve year old and His 'parents' are anxiously searching for Him, only to find Jesus in the temple where He was teaching. This is a beautiful picture drawn by the scripture - Jesus is twelve years old and where is He found? At the temple, the house of the Lord, where He is teaching and meditating upon the word of God. When you were twelve years old, where would people find you when they looked for you? Even now, where do people go in order to find you? Your true identity is only found in God; when people seek to know you, the only place they can go is to the Father.

Because Jesus spent much of His time reminiscing about God's word, He grew in (1) wisdom. This is a very important lesson, wisdom is not a natural phase you go through, it is intentional. That's why we still get immature grown-ups, but also mature youth. A analogy of "You reap what you sow" is very true in this regard - if you sow God's word, you will reap wisdom.

On another level, Jesus grew in (2) stature - now, stature, is physical growth. Jesus grew older, grew in height, etc. Now this is a natural phase of life, there is nothing much you can do to control it. However, a consistent lie we continue to tell ourselves is that wisdom comes with age, but in Jesus we can see that wisdom is intentional. Age is the mother of experience, not wisdom; wisdom is found in God and God alone.

Lastly, through Jesus we learn another element of growth, which is favour (which also means, good social standing). Jesus grew in favour with God, meaning that God was increasingly pleased by Jesus' wisdom, growth and way of life. Jesus also grew in favour with man, which shows that Jesus had a good influence on people; people wanted to be around Him because of His teachings and wisdom.

Scripture teaches us a lot of things about life, we just do not take the time to fully study the word. Apply what we have learned about growth, that we may be complete in mind (wisdom), body (stature) and favour.
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True Christianity has to with lifestyle more than words, it is a relationship more than a religion.

TRUE Christianity is like a house made out of glass, and all believers are inside the house. People on the outside (unbelievers) do not hear what you say but see your actions.

Do people wish to know God because of your actions or are more and more people running away from being believers because you are just acting like a Christian?
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Monday, May 14, 2012

YILA (Youth In Leadership Awards) - a new initiative by #IAM4G

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Why pray if God can just help me?

I used to ask myself what is the purpose of praying if God can just help me. He knows everything, so why should I pray for something He sees?

I'm sure I am not the only one who has questioned this right? Well, while I was praying yesterday, God revealed the answer to me.

We know we are made in God's image and likeness, and God is Spirit right? And we also know we should pray in truth and in Spirit - see the connection?

Well, the reason why we should pray is that, your likeness is of God which means your spirit has the same power God has, now when you pray in truth and in spirit, you're operating in God's power and whatever that you proclaim will happen.

God needs you to activate this operation and He will do the rest. Do not forget that He has given us free will to do whatever we want and so, He cannot just intervene in our lives without us inviting Him.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

You do not need to fear anything...

Did you know, God has assigned more than 10 000 angels to you?

Ever wondered why people get involved in car accidents but you are always safe? That's because of the angels - the angels of war (led by the arch-angel, Micheal). These angels go in-front of you and protect you.

Acknowledge these angels upon your lives and call upon them in prayer, God assigned them to you, to serve you.

That's God's love for you!
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Two very important lessons I learned today...

Today, I learned two very important lessons. For one, I learned that we are not called into church but we are called to share the church. How? Well, for some, church is a place where they can run to when they have problems - sharing the church is ultimately sharing the love of God and actually being a pillar of strength for all people, whether saved or not.

Secondly, I learned that you never really start loving people until you fast and pray for others more than you pray for yourself. Pastor Fischer said that he has learned that God specifically reveals certain people's problems or burdens to you intentionally - and when that happens, you need to find out what God wants you to do for that person. Sometimes you don't have to do much but pray or just be a shoulder to cry on.

I have a friend, I love her wholeheartedly, and I realized that I am more concerned about her more than I am concerned about myself and I have decided to pray for her throughout the week (as she's going through a tough time) and you know what I realized? Since I have decided to pray for her, I love her even more. This is what God refers to as love.

My neighbour lost his job during the week and after thinking about what Pastor Fischer said, I realized that God made me aware of this, so I can pray, firstly, for my neighbour and secondly guide him in Christ and invite him to church.

I have found the true meaning of love. This is where selfless love starts - where you put people's issues before yours and that's where God will attend to your own issues, in a mighty way.

If you know that someone is going through something, it is not by chance. God wanted you to know because that person's breakthrough lies in your prayers or intervention. Just ask God what He expects you to do.

Go out there and share God's love.
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