Friday, January 27, 2012

My morning conversation with God: Will You Hear Him?

It's really sad how religions hinder the mind sets of people. In essence and all honestly (and all truth), Christ's death wasn't just a death of sin, but a death of principalities, rituals, ceremonies etc. That is essentially why they're no 'rituals' in the New Testament.

Your walk with God is no longer governed by burned offerings, mountain side prayers, covenants, commandments, etc but it is governed by pure friendship (and relationship).

How many times should God shout out for you to hear Him? He does not want to control you, but help you. He does not want you to be some spiritual being, close to a monk (or nun) in comparison, but He wants to be YOUR FRIEND! There are enormous amounts of religions in the world, but NEVER have I heard of a god that wants friendships. You have to submit, perform and conform - that's religion. And your walk with Jehovah is not a religion but friendship.

But how wonderful is the God of Israel, Jehovah? In Ecclesiastes, the prophet says, "God made us simple but we complicate ourselves" - what does that tell you?

Our fellowship, worship and friendship with God was designed to give life in simplicity, yet religions (founded by man) have complicated this.

My brother? My sister? Open your spirit, open your ears and listen...God is calling upon you - He seeks your friendship more than anything you could imagine.

Kind Regards
Lebogang Mokubela
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