Thursday, January 12, 2012

The World: As You See It!

This morning, I started reading the book, "True Dreams Do Come True" for the second time and I stumbled upon a statement that hit home.

The statement simply said, 'The World we live in is not out there, it is inside us." And it continues to say, 'It is in our minds, where our dreams dwell'.

It's amazing how author, Dr.John Tibane, said that. The use of his words - I mean it makes you think. A literal translation is 'The world we see is a reflection of the world of our thoughts'.

So now, when you say statements like, 'the world is a cruel place' or 'in this world, true love is hard to find' or 'this world is full of jealousy, hatred and war' - you're actually saying to yourself (and others) that your mind is full of jealousy and in your mind, it is hard to find true love and, lastly, your mind is full of jealousy, hatred and war.

Isn't it amazing how a mere statement can help you realize your 'mistakes' or misconceptions?

There's another statement, where Dr. Tibane says, "change your internal world (dream land) and you will change your external world". Change the way you think and you ultimately change the way you visualize - think positive, see positive.

Ultimately, your way of thinking is conditioned by the density of your dream in life - if your dream is strong enough, it'll change how you see things. You will opportunities where everyone sees dismay, you will see people of potential where people see 'criminals'.

Change the thought process and you change the visual process.


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