Monday, June 18, 2012

A Lesson From The Vending Machine

I tend to meditate and think a lot about the things of God and how they relate to our lives and God often lays something in my heart to share...

And in this regard, God has laid a word in my heart that says that people are more of "fame seekers" than "kingdom servers". What do I mean? Well, this is what the Lord is saying...

A vending machine is used to dispense refreshments of all sorts and when a person is thirsty, this particular person goes to the vending machine to get a coke right? Right. Now, when the person is refreshed by the coke, does the vending machine get the credit or the actual coke?

In the same way, people enter ministry and preach the Word of God but instead of giving God the glory, they proclaim their own 'greatness'.

Being able to preach does not say anything about you - you are merely a vessel that God uses. It is truly an honour and privilege for anyone to preach the Word of God.

NEVER EVER think you are better than anyone just because God has anointed you into ministry; a vending machine is useless without electricity and in the same way, without God your 'preaching ability' is worthless.

All glory goes to God. Ministry and leadership is and will never be about fame or celebrity-like lifestyles.

If you're in ministry to 'glorify' yourself and be 'the best' - then there's something wrong!

I have spoken.

Kind Regards
Lebogang Mokubela
Junior Project Manager - Perx Agency
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