Sunday, January 15, 2012

Money loses value everyday: So why place your trust in something that loses value?

Today, at our Sunday service, Pastor Lotti said something that made me
think hard. He said "It took R600 to fill up my petrol tank last year,
and now it takes close to R800 to fill it. Now what does that tell
you? Money loses value, so why put your trust in something that loses

That, in so many ways, is a life changing statement. How many of us
woke up and dedicate our talents, gifts, connections, bodies and our
minds to the pursuit of money? How many of us keep worrying about our
bank balance? But on the other hand, we proudly declare that God comes
first in our lives - how exactly is He first if we dedicate our lives
to the pursuit of money?

Did you know almost every person, used by God, in the Bible, was
beyond rich? Abraham was extremely wealthy, Job was wealthy, David was
wealthy, and the list goes on and on - yet, their very lives were
dedicated to knowing God and being obedient to His voice.

There's a statement Christ said before He ascended into Heaven, He
said that as much miracles and wonders He has performed during His
life on earth, far greater, will we perform, in our time. You know
what that means? The Son of God openly says that we will outperform
Him - imagine that, outperforming the Son of God Himself?! Now, how
exactly will that ever be possibel if our trust is placed in money?

The Bible says, "Keep your lives free of the love of money and be
content with what you have, because God has said, 'never will I leave
you, never will I forsake you'" - so in other words, we have so much
more, in God, than in money.

Christ never prayed for money and material yet He was the richest - in
stature, spirit and in favour with God and man.

It is time we realize what it means to believe in Christ. We need to
come to a point where we think to ourselves, "what's more important to
me? my career, family, car, house, etc? or my relationship with God?"
- personally, I do not want to live my life chasing money, status,
awards, etc and lose God! Sorry, I'd rather be poor.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

Lebogang Mokubela
CEO, Senior Events Manager & Marketer
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