Saturday, January 21, 2012

Young person? Stand up for what you believe in.

We are in a 'hush generation' characterized by fear of the tongue, of others. Not many understand that the point is to realize that your values surpass any opinion or criticism. What you stand for ultimately becomes your being - young person? Stand up for something.

We live in a country characterized and shaped by the willingness to fight, the willingness to stand up for what is right, and this was shown by the youth of 1976. Their minds were convicted, their values were rooted, and because of this, we can walk the streets of South Africa with freedom as our belt and equality as our shield.

Now, young person of the 21st century, why are you afraid to stand up for what you believe in? You have the 1976 blood running through your veins, yet you sublime and conform yourself to mere attempts of so-called peer pressure.

It is time your values are rooted in conviction. Are you a believer? Then stop living life seeking the acceptance of the world; the TRUTH is, this world will never accept us because we are not of this world - our identity is found in eternity and our homeland is Heaven itself.

We are put on this earth to prepare for eternity - yet again, I say, young person? Fix your mind! Young person? Be rooted in the Gospel! Young person? Open your mouth and Speak! Young person? Stand up for something - stand up for what you believe in.

Kind Regards

Lebogang Mokubela
Mokubela Events
Dios Mismo Entertainment cc

Twitter: @MokubelaEvents

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