Saturday, January 7, 2012

Can artists start being different?

I woke up this morning to so many links on my BBM, from aspiring artists asking me to download their tracks, and a question came to mind...

Can artists start being different though? I mean there's hundreds of aspiring artists, in Pretoria alone, and it gets rather irritating (and loses meaning) when everyone goes "please download my song". This whole download thing has been done to death!

If you really want to make a name for yourself ask yourself these questions - whatever happened to plain old hard work? Whatever happened to working your butt off to send in your 'demo' to a radio station for air-play? How about you work hard and get a feature on a magazine, TV show or a music website?

There's a group called "Smart Boyz" in Pretoria, if there's anything I like about those guys, it has to be their UNIQUE selling strategy. They stand at Sammy Marks Shopping Centre, and approach people with headphones (playing their music) and thus they sell a lot of mix tapes.
Yesterday, I wrote a post about marketing. This is where marketing kicks in - marketing involves a strategy, with multiple advertising mediums. Not one thing.

A word of advice? Sometimes, it's not a bad thing to go back to 'old school' methods and serious hard work can get you far.

This download thing is a ✗✗✗


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  1. The thing is it works...
    If something is not broken why fix it but you right being different does help. King MMS