Friday, January 6, 2012

The Time Will Come: Will You Be Caught Up?

This morning, as I was still sleeping, my grandfather woke me up and asked me to 'fix' the radio for him. Apparently it didn't work and someone had 'changed' it. As I walked up to the radio, while sleep-gazed eyes, I noticed that the problem was that he had press the TUNER button twice, which means it shifted from FM to AM, and he had no idea.

So I was walking back to my room, I thought to myself, the time will come where technology will beat my capable mind, a time will come where we will forget certain things, certain names and certain tasks. A time will come, and will age catch me? Will I be caught up in age's ancient trap? A trap that had subdued generations and numbers before my time.

Is there a remedy? Yes! To live in such a way that age is preserved. And how is that possible? God!

God is the author of time; he can play, pause, fast forward, rewind and skip at any given moment.

Have you asked yourself how Adam was kept alive until the age of over 800 years? It was certainly God!

But! But! This time-capturing 'miracle' is only tapped through obedience and relationship. If our relationship with God is so strong that it moves His heart; a relationship and a level of obedience that can change His mind by a mere utter of words.

I think it is high time, we young people, came back to God, not for 'things' we want, but to restore the obedience and relationship with Him!

How much more will we conquer with God as a friend, brother & Father, rather than a safety-mechanism?

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