Friday, January 6, 2012

Happiness is a choice: You choose to move on or waste away your life being bitter and depressed.

Have you ever loved a person to a point where you were someone else when you're with them? Not that you take on a new persona, but you become the best version of yourself.

It is hard losing that type of person, isn't it? Especially when you prayed so much, for the relationship. Especially when you had so many plans and a future you were eagerly looking forward to.

Now you feel as if no one will ever be good enough to fill that space. When you look at other people, it's hard for you to imagine yourself with anyone else. Yet, the sad truth is that when you hold on, you're only hurting yourself - especially, when the person you're holding on to, let go of you a long time ago.

What's the best thing to do? Give yourself a chance to love again. Never ever deprive yourself and the world of your ability to love, just because someone failed to see your worth.

Happiness is a choice, honestly. If you choose to cocoon yourself in guilt and in the "could have been" mentality, you're only depriving yourself of happiness.

That person let YOU go, now who's problem is that? It is certainly not yours.

I do not believe in the notion that time will heal - where exactly in the Bible did time ever heal anyone? Time does not heal - Jesus does. He is the author of time, in any case.

Get up. Dust yourself up. Look at your past and wave goodbye. Put a smile on your face & Love again!

It is truly worth it.

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