Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christianity: For those who DO.

You know why certain people, who proclaim to know the bible, don't get far in life or rather in their spiritual walk? They're too busy quoting scriptures rather than living them.

As a parent, you tell your kids to go clean their room, 20 minutes they come back and they say to you "daddy, I memorized what you said, you said I must clean my room - I can even say it in Greek" - do you want your child to clean the room or memorize what you said?

That's what certain people do. They memorize scripture but they do not do what the scripture say. And what does Jesus say? "Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the gates of Heaven, but he who DOES the will of my Father"

Knowing scripture is a very good thing but it loses weight when it is not implemented - the life of a Christian/believer is how you live, not what you memorize.
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