Saturday, May 12, 2012

KFO: My Vision, Dream...Burden.

After months and months of contemplating, I have finally decided to host the KFO 2012 event. Those that have been with me or followed my work from the beginning will know that I have hit a lot of stumbling blocks along the way - but isn't that what life, maturity and character are all about?

Facing problems has been, previously, denoted as a bad thing but I have realized that life would be meaningless without trials - after all, life is a test and trust from God.  This is where James 1:2 resides and finds meaning.

I have lost friends, money, trust, money, fans, and even self-confidence since I have pursued this dream and vision that is KFO, but you know what? God has promised me according to Joel 2:25 -27 and I am confident that my dream is renewed. Listen, life is no fairytale hey, but with God you can be rest assured that there is someone with you along the way. And He will never forsake you, and His name is one that is majestic and rolls off the tongue haha, His name is Jesus.

Today, I learned that each person has almost 10 000 angels at their disposal, they are there to serve you, but if you do not realize this, you misuse them. What am I saying? Be in God that you may know what He in-store for you, for His word says, "I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a great future..." With that kind of promise, what exactly can fear reside? Faith becomes the order of the day!

So, this is my proclamation - I am back. KFO is back. I may fail 7 seven times but on the 8th try, I will reach my dream - the vision of KFO. The KFO that aims to transform young people, according to their talents, into being sons and daughters in the body of Christ.

I Am Made 4 God's glory (IAM4G) and KFO was given to me as a tool to affirm this declaration.

Dancers? Musicians? Lovers of music and dance? Old and new supporters of KFO? Can we take this forward? Let's move together. I am #IAM4G, this is KFO and we are all about *Quality. Innovation. Service*  

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