Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relationships are more intentional than natural...

A few days ago, I was watching TBN and surprisingly they were talking about relationships. But more about how to maintain relationships.

The pastor said something that stuck in my mind, he said, "relationships are more intentional than natural, you have to work very hard on them. Naturally, relationships drift apart unless you work on them".

In Genesis, after Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit, God called out to Adam and asked him a very significant question - God asked Adam, "where are you?". God was not asking for Adam's physical location (obviously God saw where Adam was) but God was actually referring to His relationship with Adam - Adam hid himself from God and thus he separated himself and violated the closeness he had with God. What happened after this? Adam and Eve started blaming each other for eating the fruit - isn't that what we do in our relationships? We blame one another, rather than admitting to our mistakes and restoring the closeness we have for one another.

Now, the title of this note is "is there such a thing as 'the one'" my opinion, there is no such thing. Like the pastor on TBN had said, relationships are more intentional than natural - meaning that whomever you decide to pursue a relationship with (and work on it) is the 'one'. What I mean is that whomever you choose is your one. There's no supernatural force that labelled people as 'meant to be'.

With that said, remember that relationships are intentional - work hard on them, do not play the blame game, respect one another and keep in mind what the bible says, "women submit to your husbands...and men love your wives as Christ loved the church".

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